My Top 3 Campaign Issues:

• Excellence in Education

Protect & strengthen our Hope Scholarships & Public Schools
• Promote smaller class sizes & adequate teacher raises
• Sponsor achievement based bonuses/raises for top performing schools
• Provide a Media Center + $1,000 for books and supplies per Classroom for our district funded/donated by our community businesses in order to help our budget strapped schools

• Incentives for Smart Community Growth

• Added Transportation funding, supporting Telecommuting & Flex Schedules
• Tax Breaks for community beautification & renovation
Neighborhood Centers fostering short commutes & attractive surroundings
Landscaping Incentives & Awards
Adopt-A-Community Volunteer Project

• Small Business Innovation & Support

• Strengthen Entrepreneurial Incubation Resource Centers
• Support Healthcare Plans geared for Small Business
• Provide added Incentives for Job Growth & Retention
• Encourage high technology and clean industries for sustainable development
• Introduce my District 40 10x4 Plan:

- 10% Tax Break on R&D /Year < By the State
- 10 $10K Grants / Month < By the Community
- 10 New Businesses / Week < By the Counties
- 10 New Jobs/Day < By the Businesses

These are for now proposals that I hope we can refine with added analysis and review. Addressing those 3 issues will foster opportunity creation for our children, provide a sense of community, help in neighborhood improvements and sustain jobs. I look forward to meeting many of you and hearing from you in the coming weeks.

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